About Adam…


Graduate of the Engineering Science program at the University of Toronto, I am a Professional Engineer, software developer, and business operations manager with over 20 years of experience in software development, and business operations with IBM (most recently with IBM Cloud). My background includes C++ compiler development, change leadership and software engineering management, with experience from projects such as, automated test tool development, continuous delivery pipeline improvements, and cloud based service delivery. Since Oct 2018 I’ve been the Director of Software Development for DarwinCX.


I’m an avid technologist/futurist, science fiction fan, thrill seeker, auto racing enthusiast, traveller, and board game player/developer since my early days. My family are frequent theme park attendees and I enjoy advising people on their first trips to Universal Orlando Resort or Canada’s Wonderland.

Community Involvement:

As a resident of downtown Toronto for over a quarter century I’ve mentored a small number of UofT engineering students, participate regularly in alumni events. I hope that sharing my experiences can help others with their own journey.